Track Usage|Make Decisions|Save

Smart Real Time Energy Data Monitoring

We show you your real-time usage compared to an hourly baseline based on historical usage, the day and hourly weather patterns.

Monitor the real time energy usage and plan your savings better.

Track your Performance

Know your daily and hourly target.

Beat the target.

Site.Energy provides real-time measurement and verification of your energy and CO2 savings.

Manage your IoT devices

Add and track the performance of an unlimited number of submeters, sensors, and IoT devices.

Tools For Better Building Management

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Take notes!

Note down significant information for the day on your dashboard, look back at your old notes to track the impact of your operations and plan ahead of time!

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Carbon emission tracking

Know the real time impact of your decisions on your carbon emissions. One-click accounting of your CO2 emissions, and the hourly CO2 emissions saved from energy reductions.

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Peak alerts

Receive alerts on
potential peak demand day.
Manage peak load to save money in real-time.

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Device tracking

Accurate results depend on accurate data. Receive alerts when your IoT devices fail.

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Interactive dashboard

Dive into your data like never before! Efficiently visualize the graphs using data visualization tools.

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Data Export

Export raw data with 'Raw data mode'.

Generate one-click reports.

We work with... 10 Million square feet of buildings !

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“I’m gonna tell you right now we’re addicted to this thing.”
- Bob Wengel
Senior Vice President, Shedd Aquarium

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"This three-pronged approach will empower participants to know how their decisions are affecting energy use in real‐time"

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"Smart Building Operations Pilot to explore the next stage of energy management"

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"Smart approach to smart buildings"

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